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Paints Auckland

Performance Coatings & Professional Services

We are agents for some of the world’s premium spray applied protective coatings:

  • Automotive

  • Light Industrial

  • Commercial & Agricultural Equipment

  • Wood & Furniture systems manufactured by Sherwin Williams

  • Custom Airbrush Paints

  • and many other products

About Us

We are a team of friendly experienced Industry trained professionals with over 100 years combined involvement in the Automotive, Industrial & Wood Coatings markets.

We are committed to provide paint products, equipment & accessories through outstanding service & helpful expertise.

Our Products

  • Abrasives, Masking Tapes, Polishes & Spray Equipment / Accessories

  • Premium Automotive Coatings

  • Wood Coatings

  • Industrial Coatings

  • Hindin Marquip

  • Colour Pack Aerosols

  • Products for the automotive refinishing industry

  • Abrasives, grinding and cutting Discs.

  • Automotive Coatings

  • Spray Guns

  • Spray Guns

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Unit 7, 34 Hobill Avenue, Wiri, Auckland 2104

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09 262 2249